Absolut Company

Dustcontrol streamlines maintenance for one of the world’s best spirits company


The goal is good and functioning machinery and the centralised vacuum system from Dustcontrol is a big help. Absolut Company wants to increase the commitment to sanitation to prevent stops in the production line and also to facilitate troubleshooting. “You have to vacuum to avoid stopping the machine” says Christer Johansson, Project Technician at Absolut Company. “We clean for 15 minutes every night and in the daytime also, if for example, a bottle breaks”.


An important goal for Absolut Company is the efficiency, i.e. the proportion of time the production can go on maximum capacity. The more stops the worse the efficiency and Dustcontrol has provided Absolut Company with centralised vacuum systems to help them make the cleaning quick and easy. “Compared to a mobile vacuum cleaner that must be picked up and then stowed away again it is much easier and less time consuming. Everything is in one place. The simplicity makes you clean up after oneself. If you would have to pick up the equipment every time it would not get done”, says Christer Johansson. Absolute Company’s option of the DC Green System on one of their stationary vacuum systems contributes to energy savings by its frequency control function. ”When the operators now and then, are cleaning the machines throughout the day, you benefit from the central unit going into a saving mode between the cleaning sessions and being on demand much quicker”, says Christer Johansson.


  • 4 pcs S34000 filter units 30 kW
  • 1 pcs S34000 filter units 18.5 kW
  • 1 pcs frequency converter with 3 pcs pressure sensor which regulate the pressure of the system, i.e. the DC Green System
  • 2 pcs S 11000 filter units
  • 1 pcs F20000 pre-separator 18.5 kW
  • 1 pcs RAF radial blower 7.5 kW


Centralised cleaning system for preventive maintenance, facilitate troubleshooting, personal safety and to reduce wear.

Reference company:

Absolut Company
Åhus Sweden


Christer Johansson
Supervisor Engineering

Dustcontrol AB:
Peter Holmström
Sales engineer

Dustcontrol, Box 3088, Kumla Gårdsväg 14, 145 03 Norsborg, SWEDEN