Dustcontrol fights the unhealty flour dust



Delselius bakery wanted to reduce dust from flour and keep the air clean and healty. They also wanted the workplace to be easier to keep clean.


Dustcontrol installed a DC Aircube and a DC 3800c stationary package to fight dust and to maintain health of the bakers.

”It’s perfect, works very well. You notice a big diff erence in the air. The DC AirCube works on a timer. When you show up in the morning the air is clean and fresh, it is also easier to keep the work place clean. We had a lot of problems with flour dust before, now is it a totally new situation. I think everyone notices that, especially those with allergies” says Jan Delselius.



  • DC Aircube
  • DC 3800c stationary package


Extraction system to fight
dust and maintain health. 

Reference company:
- Delselius Bakery 
Gustavsberg Stockholm

The company contact:
- Jan Delselius Owner of Delselius